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Charge up your E-car in 5 Minutes!
electric car plug

‘Landmark moment' as Agriculture Bill passed

UK Net-Zero now to be Cheaper


£40m for green spaces
electric ferry takes to the water
electric ferry
UK Wind Power
Off-shore wind farm
UK's own Hydrogen Train
Train on Bridge

Good News on Coal


Global Boost for Offshore Wind Farms
Devon Beavers

Rock Dust to the Rescue!


Wildlife Meadows in Devon
Energy from Flywheel
Huge flywheel
Ocean Cleanup
Huge Green Investment
Solar Panels
Coal-free Britain

UK Wind Farm Developments 2020
Offshore Windfarm

Extracting Plastic from the Sea

Hope for the Oceans


Saving Meadows on Dartmoor
Flowering Meadow
Treasure in your Toilet!
Golden toilet

Seagrass to the Rescue


Huge New Nature Reserve
Guerilla Re-wilding
Welsh woman
More Power from the Wind

3 Encouraging Press Articles


Reviving our Local Seas?

Exeter's Carbon Plan


UK Government in Court


Tree Planting Projects in South Hams!
Electric Vehicles? YES!
Deisel Exhaust
Huge company to divest $500m from coal
Great Trees in Devon

South Hams Plans for Climate Change!

Renewables Beat Fossil Fuels
PV Farm

20,000,000 new trees!

A Good Year for Client Earth


Food from Thin Air?


Electric Cars with 600mile Range


We have the Technology!


Belching in a Good Way




Power Plant to go Carbon-Negative


Greening Ethiopia


Killer Whale Grandmothers


World's Second Largest Coral Reef

More Signatories to Devon's Declaration


12-Year-old Boy Plants 1Million Trees


Shipping Company is Ditching Fossil Fuels


First Solar-Powered Town


A More Sustainable Christmas